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The PIP is a personalised, unitised wine investment portfolio based on the same principals as VIP, CIP and AIP. However, the PIPs are available on a month-to-month basis and subject to available stock on the market. Wines selected for the PIP are wines that we have secondary market data for or wines that believe have the ability to build value over the medium to long term. Traditional blue-chip estates usually form the basis of the portfolio with a portion given to up and coming producers or winemakers where we see good potential value growth.

Since inception, the growth across our Personal Investment Portfolios averages at 17% per annum. With 2 years of free cellaring and over 20 years of wine expertise, there is no other vehicle on the market as efficient as our PIPs in building a South African fine wine collection.

The growing international demand for SA’s top-end offerings has led to an increase in our export volumes and, as a result, local fine wine pricing continues its upward repositioning. With March price increases around the corner, expect to see as much as a 15% increase on some of our top wines! Now is the best time to build your fine wine portfolio – whether it be as an alternative asset or simply to collect the finest local wines on the market, or a combination of both.

To purchase a PIP unit or request more information, please send your query to Johan via email.

Terms and conditions

R50,000 investment portfolios.

Includes 2 years of free cellaring. Thereafter, normal rates apply.

Includes bi-annual personalised index calculation.

Consists of the most investable South African wines available at the time of purchase.

Wines within the PIP portfolio can be traded or withdrawn at any time.

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