Alain Graillot

Alain Graillot

Crozes-Hermitage 2019: 'One of the best of the 20th Century'

Alain Graillot is considered one of the best from Crozes-Hermitage. Known as the godfather of the region, his Syrah is an authentic and honest reflection of the sandy and alluvial terroir – a classic Northern-Rhône cuvée.

The 2019 vintage is powerful yet elegant with amazing meatiness and concentrated, spiced fruit – its charming rusticity is quite intriguing. We concur with Maxime Graillot when he says, '2019 will be a vintage to hold on to, even if the fruit character is up front, there is adequate acidity,' which offers an incredible freshness and detail, making for age-worthy wines.

When conditions are favourable, a tiny amount of rare, barrel-selected Crozes-Hermitage La Guiraude is released. We are thrilled to have a few cases of the 2018 La Guiraude in our cellar.

As part of our three-part Northern Rhône Privé series, including the wines from Auguste Clape, Jean-Paul Jamet and Alain Graillot, we ask to please send us your request by next Wednesday, the 26th of January.

Alain Graillot 2019s

Similar to the 2018 vintage, the 2019 conditions were hot and dry but Josh Raynolds writes, '[the] wines look extremely promising and show an uncanny blend of depth and vivacity.' Critics are confident that the 2019 vintage is in the same class as 2015 which is dubbed as 'one to match the best years of the 20th Century in the Northern Rhône' as per John Livingstone-Learmonth, a Rhône authority.

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