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Wine investment

Wine Cellar has been trading in fine wine for two decades and is considered a leader in the SA market. Our dedicated team has experienced most local wines, both current and vintage, as well as a large portion of the world’s greatest wines.

There are some incredible SA wines from the 20th century as each decade pushed wine quality and increased the size of the local fine wine market. Where good bottles can be found, vintage wines offer a snapshot of the Cape’s potential; highlighted by wines like the GS 1966.

The last decade has been the most exciting, however. Although the area under vine is decreasing, there has been an explosion of fine wines at premium prices. Demand continues to rise as SA wines are repositioned in the global hierarchy. In general terms, SA fine wines are the least expensive world-wide and offer serious potential for price growth.

While we have been professionally storing wines in our underground cellars since 2001, we focus on recent vintages for investment. We also trade in older-vintage South African wines, see our brokerage list, and make every effort to offer only well-stored bottles to the market.

Investment portfolios

Our investment portfolios aim to capture the most investable and fine South African wines at the lowest cost. Each investment portfolio is a unitised collection of investment wine within a certain category, offered with a free cellaring period.

Our fine wine team also offers broad investment advice on local and international wines. In 2018, we released two investment portfolios, the VIP 2015 and 2018 AIP. The CIP 2017 was released in March 2019 and is fully subscribed.


PIP – Personal Investment Portfolio

The PIP is a personalised, unitised wine investment portfolio based on the same principals as VIP, CIP and AIP. However, the PIPs are unlimited, always available and tailored according to the investor’s request.

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CIP 2017 – Sold out

Seven blue-chip Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignons, with the lowest relative prices, were included in this en-primeur investment portfolio. Buying CIP 2017 en-primeur saves 19% on the estimated release prices.

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2018 AIP – Sold out

The 2018 Alternative Investment Portfolio is a more alternative basket and holds icon wines as well as rising stars from 2015 to 2017.

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VIP 2015 – Sold out

The Vintage Investment Portfolio 2015 is a basket of the most investable, long-ageing reds from the benchmark 2015 vintage.

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Current indices

Wine Cellar investment team

Roland Peens – Director
With a BCom in Economics from Stellenbosch University, Roland joined Wine Cellar as the Director in 2005. Having traded Grand Cru Bordeaux for 15 years, he has tasted and sold many of the world’s finest wines. With international experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Roland continues to believe in the future of SA wine.

James Pietersen – Sales Manager
James studied law at the University of Stellenbosch and has 25 years of experience in the SA wine industry. In 2015, James joined Wine Cellar as Sales Manager. As one of the leading wine tasters and wine judges in SA, few pundits taste more wines than James.

Johan Malan – Brokerage and Investments
Johan holds a MCom in International Trade from North West University’s School of Economics. Johan has experience in the international fruit trade while trading in fine SA wines as a hobby. In 2018, Johan joined Wine Cellar to manage and grow Wine Cellar’s investment and brokerage business.

+ What is a Wine Cellar investment portfolio?

  • A unitised collection of the finest and most investable wines within a specific category.
  • Each portfolio is managed by the fine wine team and professionally cellared at no charge until maturity.
  • We believe this structure attracts the least costs and offers the highest opportunity for returns.

+ Which wines are selected for the portfolios?

  • We select each wine for its propensity for price growth over time.
  • Each wine must hold a fine wine track record and have the ability to age at least a decade.

+ Do I own the physical wines?

  • Yes, the investment portfolios unitise your investment.
  • You are not buying shares or into a fund.

+ Can I rather drink the wines?

  • Yes, but if you withdraw the wines before maturity you effectively lose the free cellaring.

+ Where are the wines stored?

  • In our temperature-controlled, underground cellars in Observatory and Maitland.
  • We manage 300,000 bottles for 800 customers.

+ How do I know the value?

  • We update the market prices every quarter and track an overall index of each portfolio.

+ How do I sell my investment?

  • At any time you are able to broker your investment or sell it privately.
  • Portfolios can be brokered through Wine Cellar in their entirety with a 5.75% brokerage fee.
  • Wines within each portfolio can be brokered individually at 11.5%.
  • Wine Cellar has been brokering customers wines since 2001 and liquidity is steadily growing each year.

+ What happens after maturity?

  • The wines can be brokered, withdrawn or cellared further at our standard cellaring rates.
  • See the storage rates
Wine Cellar offers the greatest wine region in the world en-primeur (as futures). 2017 will be our 17th Bordeaux campaign and will be offered from April 2018 onwards for delivery in 2020.
We update our blog daily with the latest news, videos, tasting reports, recipes and more. It's also a great place to learn about fine wine.
Wine Cellar imports fine wine from Europe, offers antipodean wines, fine local wines as well as brokers your fine wine. We also focus on selling wines en-primeur (as futures) from Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhône.
We offer tastings in Johannesburg and Cape Town; from comparative tastings for private and corporate groups to tastings of our latest imports for the public. We also offer luxury dinners paired with rare wines.
Professional cellaring of single bottles for private clients through to pallet loads for trade clients. Wines are stored at 14 degrees in our secure underground cellars in Observatory, Cape Town.
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