Thorne & Daughters Rocking Horse ‘22 – The 'poster child of new-wave Cape white blends’

Thorne & Daughters Rocking Horse ‘22

The 'poster child of new-wave Cape white blends’

Thorne and Daughters Rocking Horse ‘has become something of an institution’, notes Christian Eedes, and their 2022 release is ‘again profoundly good’!

It’s been 10 years since John and Tasha Seccombe launched Thorne and Daughters. They were part of an exciting group of Young Guns™ who captured the zeitgeist of the ‘new wave’ movement, and together with Marelise Niemann, Chris Alheit and Peter-Allan Finlayson, they added a palpable energy to the SA wine landscape. Since then, Rocking Horse has become the 'poster child of new-wave Cape white blends,’ writes Neal Martin of Vinous.

Thorne & Daughters Rocking Horse ‘22 – The 'poster child of new-wave Cape white blends’

The Rocking Horse 2022 is a multi-vineyard blend of Roussanne, Chenin Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay and Clairette Blanche that takes its aesthetic from white Burgundy rather than the Rhône. It offers layers of complexity, a great sense of freshness and a precise finish. The 2022 has their trademark aromatic complexity and lively, delineated fruit, but the vintage is remarkable for its effortless balance. This is more generous and approachable than the 2021.

Christian Eedes’ previous comments highlight the incredible consistency John and Tasha have achieved:

2013: ‘A very sure-footed debut’ – 94/100
2014: ‘It takes courage to leave that kind of detail in rather than polish out’ – 95/100
2015: ‘Unquestionably a seamless wine with real zip’ – 93/100
2016: ‘Very flavourful and terrifically long on the finish’ – 93/100
2017: ‘Powerful, precise and persistent’ – 96/100
2018: ‘Intense but not weighty. Leaner than 2017 but possessing plenty of intricacy’ – 94/100
2019: ‘A winning combination of moreishness and cerebral satisfaction’ – 97/100
2020: ‘Plenty worthy of intellectual contemplation’ – 96/100
2021: ‘Precisely made, the whole very much more than the sum of the parts’ – 97/100

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