Just landed: Neal Martin’s Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide

Just landed:

Neal Martin’s Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide

Let’s face it, not many people read. Among those who do, no one reads a wine book. Buyer guides and vintage reports are generally bought to understand which wines are ‘the best’, or to decide what to parade around in front of the fine wine cognoscenti. And to be fair, it’s hard to get excited about graphs recording annual rainfall and average temperatures in some distant land…

Enter The Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide by Neal Martin.

A strong departure from stock-standard guides, Neal doesn’t allot ratings to each vintage nor oversimplify by deeming them ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Documenting 1870 to 2020, his book brings to life 151 vintages from the world’s largest fine wine region, replete with personal stories and anecdotes from Neal’s experience and interviews over many years. And yes, for those burning to know whether it was as warm in 1896 as it was in 2018, you’ll find those kinds of details.

Just landed: Neal Martin’s Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide

Uniquely, every vintage has an event, song and film tied to it. As Neal recounted during our dinner with him in August, ‘I think it’s created a personal connection for people to the vintage or wines, as I find everyone picking up the book first goes to their birthyear to look at the song, film or event.’

This is a must-have book for anyone with a keen interest in wine, history or stories from the once simple Bordeaux farmers who almost lost all their vines to phylloxera, survived two world wars, faced the Great Depression, and yet cemented the region as the cornerstone of the fine wine world. ‘The idea was to anchor each vintage to a moment in history and make it resonate more strongly – perhaps it might conjure memories and some kind of emotional attachment, or evoke nostalgia,’ notes Martin. This great piece of literature is sure to stir your appreciation and whet your appetite for the wines of Bordeaux – both past and present.

Buy the book here, or view our full Bordeaux selection.

P.S. Be sure to look for the Bordeaux Vintage Guide playlist on Spotify. But be warned – Neal’s interest in music exceeds his incredible wine knowledge in scope and style, stretching from Wagner, ABBA, and the Bee Gees to the Spice Girls, Lady Gaga and Nirvana!

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