Huet 2022s: ‘Silence a dinner party with awe and wonderment’ – Neal Martin

Huet 2022s

‘Silence a dinner party with awe and wonderment’
– Neal Martin

‘Fans shouldn't miss the chance to buy some of the world's finest Chenin Blancs (Huet), which are still spectacularly moderate in price.’ – Wine Advocate

Domaine Huet is revered for mineral-styled, long-ageing wines of varying sweetness that will ‘silence a dinner party with awe and wonderment’, says Neal Martin.

Established in 1928 and farmed biodynamically since 1990, Huet owns three of the best vineyards in the appellation – with Le Haut-Lieu being their very first vineyard. It lies on Vouvray’s ‘Première Côte’ (first slope), which is home to all the appellation’s ‘Grand Cru’ sites.

‘2022 is a very good quality vintage across the board,’ writes Decanter’s Jim Budd. Because of the long growing season, Huet’s Benjamin Joliveau and team could do multiple pickings in the vineyard (as is the way in Vouvray). This facilitated the production of almost the full portfolio of styles, from Sec (dry) to Demi-Sec (their most famous style) to Moelleux (sweet) – an indication of marvellous vintage. The 2022s are powerful and concentrated yet not over-done as the racy acidity and mineral poise form the backbone of the wine.

‘No matter the site or the sweetness level, there is an ethereal and elegant quality to these wines that defies scientific analysis.’ – Vinous

Le Haut-Lieu is Huet's original vineyard. Deep clay soils with Vouvray's famous sedimentary limestone help produce refined, opulent wines with approachability and remarkable ageability. Clos du Bourg, purchased in 1953, is a walled vineyard of 6 hectares planted on the best slopes, with shallow clay soil over limestone, above the church in Vouvray. It's known for powerful, well-structured wines, notably formidable sweet wines. Le Mont is 8 hectares of stony soils composed of green-tinged clay and silica. Some of Huet's longest-lived wines are made from here, and they’re famous for their elegance and detailed minerality. View the full range here.

It's important to emphasise that, regardless of the sweetness level, the hallmark of Chenin Blanc and indeed Domaine Huet is an unmistakable freshness and natural acidity. This permits the wines to age for a very long time.

It was a pleasure seeing Benjamin Joliveau, who started at Huet in 2003, at this weekend’s Swartland Sermon in Saldanha! He made us realise, once again, how lucky and proud we are to import these incredible wines.

Huet 2022s: ‘Silence a dinner party with awe and wonderment’ – Neal Martin
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