Gabriel-Glas: ‘It makes your wines sing no matter the style’


‘It makes your wines sing no matter the style’

Searching for the perfect wine glass? We’ve got you covered! Rated the world’s best universal wine glass by the likes of Forbes, Wine Folly and Club Oenologique, the ‘one for all’ Gabriel-Glas is the only glass you’ll need.

We’re delighted to have our sought-after glassware back in stock. Choose from the charming Standard 2-piece gift set, the eye-catching Stemless 6-pack, or our bestselling Standard 6-pack. Each design offers the same lightness, thin rim, and perfect bowl size for any style of wine. Crafted from lead-free, Austrian crystal, the machine-cut Standard and Stemless glasses are more robust than the Golds, so they don’t need to be reserved for special occasions.

‘It’s pretty close to the ideal Swiss army knife glass in that you can use it for pretty much any wine and it costs about half of most top-end stemware.’Matt Crafton, Château Montelena

While the elegant Standards sparkle on a dinner table, the Stemless glasses hold their own outdoors. 'A glass designed for drinking pleasure' says brain-child René Gabriel – their slightly broader, sturdier base is ideal for casual wine drinking, cocktails, beer, and even single-malt whiskey. To enhance your overall wine experience, don’t forget the graceful Gabriel-Glas Alpha Decanter.


‘The perfect shape seems to be the slightly ‘plumped’ bowl of the Gabriel.’ – Club Oenologique

‘Convenience matters. Satisfyingly graceful and easy to reach for.’ – Forbes

‘It delivers flavours in a sequential manner. This trait makes Gabriel-Glas fantastic for blind tasting and for improving your palate. The fruit delivery was equal to Zalto, but more fresh in style.’ – Madeline Puckette, Wine Folly

‘You’ll be able to notice the difference in how it makes your wines sing no matter the style of wine you pour in it. Wines are lifted and more expressive.’ – Vogue

Gabriel-Glas: ‘It makes your wines sing no matter the style

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