Legacies reimagined: Federica Boffa & Giulia Negri

Federica Boffa & Giulia Negri

Legacies reimagined

Our recent trip through Piedmont allowed us to visit two remarkable young women in wine – Giulia Negri and Federica Boffa. The Langhe has been part of their family legacies since the 1800s, and both women are shaping the future of Piedmont.

Giulia Negri: Where heritage meets curiosity and innovation

The Langhe hills, a land steeped in family heritage, serve as the backdrop to a journey of discovery and revolution in winemaking. Meet Giulia, born in Palermo, raised in Rome, and educated in Milan. Inspired by her garagiste friends and their maverick wines, she was determined to forge her own path. Focusing on Serradenari's vines – at Barolo's highest point – was a leap of faith supported by a dedicated group of believers, including her family. Thus Barologirl was born. This wonderful analogy is at the core of her philosophy:

Giulia Negri wines

And so, with each vintage, Barologirl dances to the rhythm of change with an unquenchable thirst for discovery. It was great to meet Giulia and see that twinkle in her eye. Her wines have grown immensely in the short time we have brought them in. View her full range here.

Federica Boffa: Growing a legacy and shaping the course of a region

Located in the town of Alba in Piedmont, Pio Cesare has been a family business since its founding in 1881 and is best known for award-winning Barolos and Barbarescos. Federica Boffa joined in 2016 and one of her first contributions was to produce very small amounts of Vermouth and Barolo Chinato – both of which were discontinued in the 1950s. Showing her commitment to their heritage, she employed the historic labels and age-old family recipe to bring back these wines.

Federica sadly lost her father, Pio Boffa, during Covid and is now in charge, but he remains a constant source of inspiration. He was tireless in advancing Pio Cesare and the region.

Federica Boffa

Taking over Pio Cesare at the age of 23 would seem like a daunting task, but Federica leaves us with no doubt that she is 100% dedicated and more than capable. The wine, vineyards, region, and vision are in incredible hands. View her full range here.

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