Chablis: ‘Pure heaven for Chardonnay lovers’ – Wine Enthusiast


‘Pure heaven for Chardonnay lovers’ – Wine Enthusiast

‘Value-wise, Chablis at all levels remains a great buy’ – Decanter

Chablis is perhaps the finest value of all white Burgundy. This region produces some of the purest Chardonnay in the world, and you can have Burgundy in your backyard – and in your glass – from R495. ‘Chablis domains are making terrific and distinctive wines. Their affordability is worth a lot of affection,’ says the New York Times.

Wine Cellar has got you covered with Chardonnay from Chablis for any palate or mood. 2019 was a small, concentrated but lithe vintage of very fine quality, while 2021 was finessed, fresh and vibrant – a throwback to the classics. 2022 gives you the best of both worlds, offering ‘seductive tropical hints without compromising the steeliness and nervosité that define Chablis’, writes Neal Martin. Though perfect as an aperitif for the summer holidays, the wines also age exceptionally well – some Grand Crus last for several decades.

Chablis: ‘Pure heaven for Chardonnay lovers’ - Wine Enthusiast

We’ve imported the classic yet generous wines of Daniel Dampt for some time, and their 2022 Chablis are once again delicious. They offer ‘screaming value’, enthuses Burgundy specialist Allen Meadows, and the terroir is ‘an exemplary source for Côte de Lechet and Vaillons’ (Wine Spectator). Joseph Drouhin started in Burgundy in 1880 and bought the Vaudon property in Chablis about 50 years ago. Their wines are taut, elegant and refined.

Another Chablis favourite, Benoît Droin is a 14th generation vigneron. ‘If you like the steelier, more austere style, go for Burgfest multiple ‘gold medalists’ Jean-Paul & Benoît Droin,’ suggests Neal Martin. The Leflaive family has been rooted in Burgundy since 1717, and Olivier started his own business in 1985, officially leaving the family business in 1995. ‘The wines are hallmarks of elegance and purity rather than muscle and are more than worthy of the famous Leflaive name,’ writes James Molesworth of Wine Spectator. Finally, new producer alert, welcome Domaine Laroche! Established in 1850 as a domaine, in 1985 Laroche acquired the renowned monastery ‘L'Obédiencerie’, which dates back to 867 AD when monks cultivated vineyards and made wine here.

Chablis’ soils impart a distinctive verve and chalky minerality. Whilst the vines and vignerons are learning how to manage the changing climate, ‘Those Kimmeridgian soils ain’t goin’ anywhere. They are immutable and give Chablis the counterbalancing acidic spine that maintains freshness,’ says Martin.

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