Celebrate #sherryweek: ‘The world’s greatest fortified wine’ – Tim Atkin

Celebrate #sherryweek

‘The world’s greatest fortified wine’ – Tim Atkin

‘If God had not made Sherry, how imperfect his work would have been.’ – Benito Perez Galdos

It’s the 10th anniversary of #sherryweek, a global event that celebrates 'the world's greatest fortified wine' (Tim Atkin). From the chalky soils of Jerez in Southern Spain, we’re bringing you some of our favourite Emilio Lustau Sherries, with delicious pairings to get you feeling festive. From light and dry to dark and sweet; from eggs benedict and oysters to pancakes and PX; sipped neat or as a Manzanilla Martini – there’s a Sherry to suit every taste and occasion. Lustau are also celebrating their 125th year of existence, so a double celebration is in order.

Fino & Manzanilla


Fino and Manzanilla are early-drinking, low alcohol (15%-16%) Sherries and can be consumed very much like normal still wines. Ageing under flor conditions gives them a distinctive tangy and salty flavour, adding wonderful depth. A joy with seafood, they also come alive with a bowl of nuts or olives before dinner.

Celebrate #sherryweek: Fino & Manzanilla



Amontillado is an aged Fino or Manzanilla without the flor character. It’s richer and more structured with higher alcohol, meaning it can handle any savoury food. Serve at 13-14 °C. This is your best ally for pairing artichokes, as well as tapas, mature cheese, nuts, and olives. Perfect with broth, mushroom risottos or spicy Eastern dishes.

Celebrate #sherryweek: Amontillado

Oloroso & Palo Cortado


Olorosos are the most concentrated aged Sherries and show oxidative notes, dried fruits, leather and exotic spices. They’re a dreamy complement to strong cheeses. Palo Cortado is somewhere between an Amontillado and an Oloroso and often provides the best of these contrasting styles. Dry, spicy and smoked, it’s one of our most loved styles because of its incredible complexity and freshness. Try it with hot honey chicken wings, chorizo, roasted root veg and, of course, aged hard cheese.

Celebrate #sherryweek: Oloroso & Palo Cortado

Pedro Ximénez (PX) and Añada


Pedro Ximénez is an intensely sweet (RS: 417g/l), dessert-style Sherry made from sun-dried grapes. It goes with any dessert – think ice-cream, bitter dark chocolate, PX poached pears, blue cheese, or a traditional malva pudding. The Añada 2003 is a very special 20-year old Sherry (at an RS of about 250g/l) and shows lots of orange marmalade and smoky nuances. This is a superb wine to accompany foie gras, light desserts, cakes, soft cheeses or nuts.

Celebrate #sherryweek: Pedro Ximénez (PX) and Añada

Vinagre de Jerez


The darling of chefs, Sherry vinegar is probably the most highly rated vinegar in the world. It’s produced from Sherry and aged in ex-Oloroso casks, following the system of ‘Solera y Criaderas’ for an average of 10 years. Layered and complex, with a touch of oak, smoke and earthy notes, it’s the ideal dressing for salads, roasted peppers and other typical Andalusian dishes.

Celebrate #sherryweek: Vinagre de Jerez
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