BLANKbottle Ultra 2021 – Swartland Chenin from the ‘closet raver’

Swartland Chenin from the ‘closet raver’

BLANKbottle Ultra 2021

'BLANKbottle wines ... are unique expressions of everything that is wonderful about the Cape' – Tim Atkin MW, SA Special Report 2022

BLANKbottle produces wines that are honest and filled with personality, capturing each vintage and vineyard in a way that makes us fall in love with wine. They work with 74 vineyards, 94 pickings and 154 fermentations during harvest, and Pieter Walser is the trailblazing conductor of this inspiring production.

The Ultra 2021 is a compelling old-vine Chenin Blanc from the Swartland. Tim Atkin thought it would be the ‘most conventional’ of the range, ‘but then you discover that it's named after a rave in Cape Town’. The story behind this is epic: The day-to-day life of the farmer for these old vines is pretty traditional (he only wears khakis and two-tone shirts), but his outlet for life’s stresses is rave parties in Cape Town, including the annual event called Ultra. He’s a ‘closet raver’, and you can even spot him dancing on the front label!

The Ultra 2021 is pure and layered with complexity, showing white stone fruit and chalky aromatics. Textured, pithy and fresh, it is utterly delicious.

Blankbottle Ultra 2021

'The dude is clearly equal genius and nutter,’ said Jamie Oliver after tasting what he calls a ‘crazy Assed white label South African super pro home brew wine’.

Only 1,400 bottles of the Ultra 2021 were produced. Usually only available directly from the farm, we’re thrilled to offer you some of these sought-after wines. Browse BLANKbottle’s full offering.

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