Beeslaar Pinotage 2021 – Abrie’s greatest release yet?

Beeslaar Pinotage 2021

Abrie's greatest release yet?

Following in the footsteps of Pinotage pioneers Jan Boland Coetzee and Beyers Truter, Abrie Beeslaar has established himself as the new master. Is there any winemaker more versed in coaxing magic from our own red grape?

The Beeslaar Pinotage 2021 has all the poise of previous releases, with seamless red and black fruits, judicious oaking and ethereal elegance. 2021 is expected to rival 2015 and 2017 as the greatest modern vintage and this is evident in this release’s extra purity, depth, and exceptionally fine tannins. Pinotage has proven that it can age gracefully for decades, and this sumptuous wine is sure to do just that.

Beeslaar Pinotage 2021 - Abrie's greatest release yet?

From a Simonsberg single vineyard planted in 1993 in oak leaf, shale and decomposed granite soils, the wine is destemmed, fermented in concrete, and raised in French Oak for 19 months – 50% new. This is one of the finest Pinotages from Abrie to date.

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