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October Mixed 6-Case

Tasting notes

'Our October pack contains 6 wines from Spider Pig! Although it’s 1 label, 6 winemakers have been called in to produce each piggy, aka wine, separately. Unfortunately, this means that there’s no international wine this month as Spider Pig has preferred to roam locally, for now, but we hope the huge saving more than makes up for it.

Two industry players, Dave Nel and David Wibberly, started and co-own the Spider Pig brand. It was an idea born from a scene in the Simpsons movie, ‘Look-out, he is Spider-Pig’, about a pig that walks on the ceiling. If you haven’t heard of it, you can definitely find it on YouTube.

What has it got to do with wine? Well, nothing! But the idea is that the label turns everything on its head. It’s fun and occasionally doesn’t make a huge deal of sense, but everyone likes bacon!

Each pig is made by an avant-garde, young-gun winemaker. They prefer to stay anonymous, but the Cinsault is made by Alex Milner of Natte Valleij, the Chenin Blanc by Stephanie Wiid of Thistle & Weed, and the Grenache is from Corlea Fourie of Bosman. Please keep this information to yourself! The wines are elegant and fun, but serious enough for any pork dish.' – Roland Peens

Spider Pig, Bro/Zay Rosé 2018 – R 100
‘An absolutely crackling wine, this. And very comfortable in its own pink skin. Bro/Zay celebrates the bromance. Even the no-mance. It’s a light, fresh, delicious Rosé for everyone and every daytime occasion. Pool time – excellent. Lunch time – winning. Summertime – invented for it. Heck, we’ve even heard of a few bottles that have perished at breakfast. Probably because this wine pairs well with unabashed joy and good times.’ – Winemaker

Spider Pig, Chenin Blanc 2018 – R 215
‘The Upside Down Pig is all about finding a unique perspective. You see, Chenin Blanc in South Africa is like mud in a pig sty. It’s everywhere. And while most are brilliant, they really do come in all shapes and sizes. Fat ones, thin ones, sweet ones, grim ones. So we’ve made sure that ours offers a different perspective of the grape. Tight, focussed, minerally and delicious, you won’t find any flab (or any flies) in the Piggy Chenin.’ – Winemaker

Spider Pig, Cinsational Cinsault 2018 – R 170
‘A sensation: A powerful physical feeling. A reaction. A surge of excitement. We’re waffling now but this renaissance grape really is here to blow minds. Ergo, the Cinsational Cinsault. For too long it’s been left out in the cold, or consigned to beefing up bulk blends. And we don’t like beef. We like pig. What were we talking about? This has been created for ultimate smashability Just taste the wine, for Piggy’s sake.’ – Winemaker

Spider Pig, Roam Piggy Roam 2015 – R 245
‘Originally this was going to be called ‘Rhone Piggy Rhone’ based on the little piggy who would Run Run Run. But then we ran into some legal trouble with a famous French Appellation (hint: it wasn’t the Loire). Anyway, after taking some time out to observe a few pigs in their natural habitat, we noticed to our surprise that these free-spirited animals are in fact rather leisurely. And so it was that roaming pigs inspired this award winning label.' – Winemaker

Spider Pig, The Black Pig 2018 – R 245
‘The Black Pig rounds out the Piggy stable*. This wine brings all the boys and girls to the yard. And their life is better than yours. Damn right, it’s better than yours. It’s made from one of the world’s greatest vinous treasures, Cabernet Sauvignon. Cab Sauv is practically everyone’s cup of tea for a glass of wine. Combine this majestic swan with a lick of the CINSATION and we present to you the special, the inimitable BLACK PIG. *Stables are for horses, not pigs.' – Winemaker

Spider Pig, Grenache Noir 2018 – R 220
‘Grenache is a wonderful grape. Called Garnacha in its’ native Spain, it ripens late, making it perfect for warmer climates like South Africa’s. But none of this explains the label. “The Flying Pig” was the name we were going to give to the first Wine Bar we opened. Those plans are still on the cards. While ‘When Pigs Fly’ is a phrase used to mark the happening of something that might or might not happen because it’s so unlikely. Which sort of explains our Grenache Noir. Surprising, exciting, and impossibly delicious.’ – Winemaker


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