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Sadie Family icons – Columella and Palladius 2016

By now, Sadie Family Wines needs no introduction. Eben Sadie is generally regarded as SA’s best winemaker. Their wines, which are some of our country’s most characterful examples, have revolutionised the South African landscape and inspired a whole generation of winemakers.

The Signature wines are the very best that Eben aims to make. Since the maiden 2000 vintage, the Sadie Family Columella has constantly changed to better express the Swartland. It has since become a modern icon and is one of SA’s most sought-after and collected wines. The standout characteristic of the 2016 Columella is its sense of balance and the certainty that it will last for 20 years and beyond.

The Sadie Family Palladius 2016, the sister wine to Columella, has probably changed the most since its release. It started off with Chenin Blanc and Viognier as the main components but now boasts more than 11 varieties from 17 different vineyards. This is South African winemaking at its best – a super-complex wine with many pieces to its puzzle that requires cerebral engagement. This is one of SA’s finest whites.


Sadie 2018 releases


The 2016 Columella has less Syrah than previous vintages and will need a good amount of time in bottle to show its true potential. It is a classic release – a touch darker than the 2015 but showing the continuously refined elegance of recent releases. The 2016 Palladius follows the same simple frame of the last few vintages. Now completely unwooded, it captures the essence of the Swartland with its blend of Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Sémillon, Sémillon Gris, Viognier, Clairette Blanche, Roussanne, Verdelho, Colombard and Palomino.

Our Signature Red, the Columella, is aged for 1 year longer in cask and tank prior to bottling, thus being a 2016 vintage and a wine with immense promise. This Columella has a much deeper colour and concentration and is still very compact and in need of obvious ageing, but it is already showing great complexity in that the aromatics are not a singular line, but the coming together of many aspects. The aromas are a combination of bright fresh red fruits which then pass over to the riper black stone fruit. The wine is also very earthy and seems to live on a bed of freshly ploughed earth – and then there is the appearance of much darker graphite aromatics as well. The texture is still super compact and needs time: it is the result of 12 months ageing in barrels (8% new) and thereafter an additional 12 months in old, big oval casks. We bottle directly from the cask and the philosophy is to have minimum impact on the character of the grapes and rather just have the fruit express itself.’ – Eben Sadie

This 2016 vintage of Palladius has the simplicity of minimalistic design with nothing that shouts out and every one of the 11 varietals that drive this wine just seems to be in perfect synchronization. The aromas are a journey of more tropical, ripe fruit aspects going all the way to a very saline and mineral texture. The most exciting aspect of this 2016 vintage is simply the length and the persistence of the tannin on the palate. This wine spends its first year of ageing in clay amphorae and in concrete eggs and then an additional year of ageing of the final blend in big oak casks. The result is incredible stability and the wine leaves one with the clear impression that the Palladius is on the very same level as the Columella and they can truly run together as Signatures.’ – Eben Sadie

Please note, only 3 bottles per wine per customer.


Columella 2016Palladius 2016

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