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International Shipping

Wine Cellar regularly imports wine to South Africa in refrigerated containers (reefers). This is THE best way to transport your precious wine from a European or UK source to South Africa under controlled conditions. For details, email Janine@winecellar.co.za

What we offer

  • Space in this reefer to ship wine in full sealed cases either in-bond or duty-paid to our cellar in Observatory. We regret we cannot accept loose bottles or mixed cases.
  • Professional assistance with everything from buying your wine and/or getting it to LCB for the shipment, through to your collection from our Observatory cellar, or delivery to any address in South Africa.

Travel Conditions

  • The wine travels in cool and secure conditions: the reefer temperature is set at 12.5º centigrade and recorded every half-hour by an independent monitor.
  • The container is sealed on departure from London City Bond and only opened again by us on arrival at our cellar.

What you are entitled to

  • You, as a private individual, and members of your immediate family are entitled to import up to 180 litres (20 x 12-bottle cases) per person, per calendar year for your own consumption (with not more than 24 litres of the same wine).
  • You can import more than 180 litres (and more than 24 litres of the same wine) by getting permission to do so and on payment of a R19/litre levy on the excess to the Department of Agriculture.

What you must do

  • Book your space - tell us how many cases you want to ship - and pay the reefer rate (currently £16/case for your own wine). To book space e-mail janine@winecellar.co.za
  • Give us a detailed list of the wines you would like to ship (and/or ask us to get wine for you) and a valuation. Do not undervalue. We will get the necessary EU Origin Certificate (to avoid SA import duty of 25% of the value if the wine is of European origin).
  • Get the necessary Import Exemption from the Department of Agriculture – we can do this for you.
  • Get the wine to be moved into our account at LCB. Cases of wine (whether in-bond or duty-paid) need to have the correct documentation and must be clearly marked for account VH009. Correct documentation consists of: In-bond from France, Germany, etc. - AAD document + copy of invoice + marked for VH009; In-bond from another bond - AAD + copy of invoice + W8 (warrant) + marked for VH009 ; Duty-paid - document showing duty has been paid, delivery note for account VH009.


  • £16 per 12-bottle case (or £11 per 6-bottle case) of your own wine - reefer seafreight only from LCB to Cape Town (subject to change).
  • £1.60 per case bond receiving and £0.16 per case per week bond storage charges. £25 for the EUR1 per shipment. (This certificate is necessary to avoid SA import duty of 25% of the value if the wine is of European origin.)
  • ± R5 per litre + VAT Cape Town landing cost (wharfage, terminal handling, delivery to our cellar and import agency cost). This may go up as we learn about cost increases.
  • R2.35, R4.24 & R7.06 per litre SA excise and customs duty for unfortified, fortified and sparkling wine of EU origin (the current duties post the 2009 budget). For wines of non-EU origin there is the SA excise duty (currently R1.98, R3.72 & R6.16 per litre respectively) to pay plus an import duty of 25% of the invoiced value.
  • 14% VAT on 110% of the invoiced value of the wine plus excise, customs and import duties applicable on the wine, with the exchange rate fixed by SARS on the container vessel sailing date from a UK port.
  • R200 + VAT for each Import Exemption Certificate if we get this (or these) for you from the Department of Agriculture. (You can arrange your own, but it needs to have been done before shipment and arrival.)
  • Marine insurance at about 0.5% on the landed cost plus 15% of the value.
    A 5% handling levy + VAT on all the Rand-denominated costs above for the extensive administration involved.
  • If you purchase wine through us, then we will ship it for you at average seafreight cost. This could be as low as £6 per 12-bottle case plus landing, clearing and delivery costs and a 5% service fee. We have been doing this successfully for our clients for a number of years now. So if you are looking for wine to purchase and ship then ask us and/or select from the offers that we send out from time to time.

Collection or Delivery

  • Wine can be collected in the UK by London City Bond for delivery into our VH009 account; charges depend upon the collection postal code.
  • Wine can be collected from our cellar once all shipping, landing and clearing charges have been paid.
  • Or we can deliver quickly (overnight to major centres if required) to any address in South Africa.
  • Alternatively, you can store in our temperature-controlled cellars until you are ready to collect or take delivery.
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